Friday, January 13, 2012

Recent Workings

Photo one: This piece is a self portrait of myself done in a mirror. I struggled greatly on this due to the face. I couldn't get ANY parts of it right, making me greatly frustrated. So finally i resorted to leaving it and coming back. That is what I needed and it turned out for the best.

Photo Two: This is acutally what I have been spending my time at home on...a collage on all of my walls. I have been tearing through Nylons, Vogues, and other fashion magazines to fill my walls with pictortials. My favorite magazine, was the Vogue issue for June/July 2011, with Emma Watson on the cover. This has been somewhat challenging for me cause I want to make sure all of the various pictorials come out right, so I have been scutanizing for hours over the pictures!

Photo three: This is a work in progress, but for some reason I really dig the way the sneaker looks unfinished.

Thursday, January 12, 2012

Brush your Cake

The reason i chose this piece for my concentration was because I love the difference of the toothbrush, which represents health, and the cake, with is the exact opposite.

My favorite thing about this piece was drawing the toothbrush! I never thought I would have had so much fun outlining one.

My least favorite had to have been drawing the icing, I kept trying to make it perfect.