Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Blck on Black Refection

What surprised you?
The thing that surprised me was that the paint kept mixing and did not stay one color.

What frustrated you?
The thing that frustrated me the most was that the paint kept mixing and would not stay the same color.

How did you overcome any frustration?
I over came that frustration, by Mr.Gaudreau telling me how to use a painting knife.

Would you use it again?
Maybe, I would use it with an acctual paint brush.

Why not? Why? Under what circumstances?
I just didn't like how it felt that I did not have control over the knife. I would use it again if I needed to do water.

What did you learn about painting and your “thinking” by using a palette knife?
I learned that I do not like paint and the blue paint makes an amazing blackk.

Monday, November 8, 2010

Movement Without Sound

This is a picture my closest friends jumping up and down. I purposely made the picture blurry because I wanted you to see the movement they were doing.